Our Dusty Miller, a pampered variety in wedding season.

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Senecio cineraria, known as Dusty Miller is an interesting plant with silver or grey leaves, named from the fine powder (dust) on the flowers and leaves.

B ellaflor Group was the first one in growing and harvesting Senecio cineraria in Ecuador. 12 years ago our CEO, Hanspeter Hug, decided to grow this gorgeous plant, the process took about 2 years of research, trials, production and commercialization.

Guillermo Ochoa, our Technical Manager for Ecuador and Ethiopia, who works in our company since 2013, remarks the geographical conditions of Ecuador, where not only the Dusty Miller, but also all our varieties, grow in an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level, allowing roses, summer flowers and plants to receive 12 hours of sunlight due to our location, just in the middle of the world.


We feel proud of having a wonderful plant, which is unique around the world. Our farm in Ecuador grows the following Dusty Miller - Senecio species:


Dusty Miller is the perfect touch for wedding arrangements, decor and bridal bouquets; its silver dust on the leaves adds a fabulous contrast to bright flowers and roses.


The wedding season in the Northern Hemisphere is about to begin and our farm is always ready to serve our customers with high quality varieties, grown in the best place on earth to do so, Ecuador.