About us

Our farms

Bellaflor Group is owned and run by a Swiss-American family, with operation in 3 countries and 35 years of experience.
The farms are located in Ecuador and Ethiopia, both have the ideal climate conditions to grow the largest selection of high-end cut-flowers. We love what we do and in our trial areas we search continuously for new improved varieties.
We proudly hold the prestigious Rainforest Alliance Certification which certifies that flower farms comply with the environment as well as fair labor standards.

Luxury Cut Flowers

Why we chose the Ginko Biloba leave for our logo?

Ginkgo biloba is known to have survived on earth for over 150 million years, making this incredible prehistoric survivor the oldest living tree. Appropriately, it was Charles Darwin who, in 1859, referred to the Ginkgo as a “living fossil”, and amazingly it was the very first plant to flower in Hiroshima after the atomic bomb.

The Ginkgo is a native of China. This deciduous conifer, having survived the Ice Age, has been cultivated in temples by Chinese Buddhist monks who considered the tree to be sacred. It was generally cultivated for its wood and medicinal properties.

Surveys conducted in China have revealed that a few trees are as much as 3.000 years old, and about 150 trees exceed 500 years old. It was made known to Europeans c.1692, from Japan, having been seen by the German physician and botanist, Engelbert Kaempter, during his epic trip to the Far East for the Dutch East India Company. Eventually, in 1730, seeds arrived at the Botanic Garden at Utrecht. The Royal Garden at Kew was one of the first proud recipients, and its tree still stands as a relatively young specimen of 250 years old.

Social Responsibility

Bellaflor Group is committed to the well-being of our employees, the local community and to maintaining high environmental standards. Since 2008, Our farm have been certified by Rainforest Alliance.

All of Bellaflor’s 1,000 plus employees are provided free of charge, transportation to and from work, a warm homemade lunch, uniforms, safety training and on-site medical care for themselves and their families. We strive to go above and beyond local laws and restrictions regarding working hours, conditions and labor rights, promoting success not only on the job but at home as well. Under no circumstances do we employ minors. We also have a strict anti-discrimination policy ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all.

Environmentally, we have installed comprehensive irrigation and water catchment systems to limit our water usage and our impact on local resources. We have also implemented a recycling and composting program to limit our external waste. In addition, we have several areas throughout our farm in which biological controls and other forms of integrated pest management are under use in lieu of chemical pesticides. In doing so, we ensure the success and well-being of our company, employees, the environment and local community.