Bellaflor first Ecuadoran flower farm to get lactation room.


Last Friday, November 8th, Bellaflor inaugurated its Lactation Room, becoming the first flower farm in Ecuador to fulfill the interministerial agreement 003-2019.

T his agreement was created by the Public Health Ministry and the Labor Ministry and its objective is to promote a private space where a nursing mother can use a breast pump.
A lactation room or lactorium is a hygienic, safe and private room where a nursing mother can pump and store her milk until they leave to go back home.

"Our company's philosophy is to promote wellness for our employees and their families, breastfeeding is a priority for our working mothers and we support them by providing the necessary space and time to use a breast pump and keep nursing even after their maternity leave is over", said Maricarmen Ocejo of Bellaflor.


The lactation room consists of 5 private rooms with a comfortable couch, a waiting room, refrigerator to store breast milk only and a hand washing station provided with all the required amenities.

"We are the first and only flower farm in Ecuador to provide a lactation room, our users feel very happy and supported to have a comfortable space to keep up their nursing journey", Maricarmen concludes.